Ronald W. Anthony

Adjunct Instructor

Address: Charleston Museum
Office Hours: Email for availability
Phone: 843.722.2996, ext. 226


M.A., Anthropology, University of South Carolina

B.A., Anthropology, East Carolina University

Research Interests

  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Archaeological Lab Methods and Field Techniques
  • Artifact Conservation
  • Colonial and Antebellum Plantation Archaeology Concern African American Populations
  • Cultural Interaction in the Mid-Atlanta and Southeast During the Colonial Period

Courses Taught

  • ANTH 101:  Introduction to Anthropology
  • ANTH 202:  Introduction to Archaeology
  • ANTH 493:  Field School in Archaeology


Sole or Principal Authorship

Anthony, Ronald W.

2016a  Colono Ware Variety in the South Carolina Lowcountry.  Paper presented at the 81st Annual Meeting of the Society For American Archaeology, Orlando, Florida.

2016b  Revisiting Colono Ware Variety in the South Carolina Lowcountry.  South Carolina Antiquities 48:27-39.  Journal of  the Archaeological Society of South Carolina, Inc., Columbia.       

2014    Dill Sanctuary Archaeology: The Catherine Parker Site.  Archaeological Contributions 48, The Charleston Museum, Charleston.

2013    The Right Time, The Right Place. South Carolina Antiquities 45:29-33. Journal of the Archaeological Society of South Carolina, Inc., Columbia.

2012a  Historic Aboriginal Pottery at Stono Plantation: A Descriptive Summary.  Paper presented at the 1st Southeastern Conference on Historic Sites Archaeology, Charleston, South Carolina.

2012b  Dill Sanctuary Archaeology: A Descriptive Summary.  Archaeological Contributions 46, The Charleston Museum, Charleston.

2010    The Right Time, The Right Place. Paper presented at the 43rd Society For Historical Archaeology Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology, Amelia Island, Florida.

2009    South Carolina Colono Ware: A New World Innovation. South Carolina Antiquities 41:84-93. Journal of the Archaeological Society of South Carolina, Inc., Columbia.

2008    The Catherine Parker Site (38CH857): Archaeological Management Summary. Appendix II (DOT response re I-526). Manuscript on file, The Charleston Museum. 

2005    South Carolina Colonoware: Perplexing Yet Exciting.  Paper presented at the 62nd Southeastern Archaeological Conference, Columbia, South Carolina.

2002    Tangible Interaction: Evidence From Stobo Plantation In Another’s Country: Archaeological Perspectives on Cultural Interactions in the Southern Colonies, edited by J.W. Joseph and Martha Zierden, pp. 45-64.  The                          University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa. 

 Anthony, Ronald W., Eugene Frazier Sr., Thomas Johnson, and Martha Zierden

2009a   Life and Death on the Dill Sanctuary: James Island, SC. South Carolina Antiquities 41:71-83. Journal of the Archaeological Society of South Carolina, Inc. Columbia.

Anthony, Ronald W., Eugene Frazier Sr., Thomas Johnson, and Martha Zierden

2009b  Life and Death on James Island: Exploration and Protection of the Dill Sanctuary. Paper presented at the SCIAA First Annual Post-Doctoral Fellows Conference: The Archaeology of the Recent African American Past, Columbia, SC.   

 B. Joint Authorship

Zierden, Martha A. and Ronald W. Anthony

2010   Willtown’s Second Presbyterian Church, 1767-1807: Archaeological Study of the Parsonage (38CH1660).  The Charleston Museum Archaeological Contributions 44, Charleston, South Carolina. 

2008   Drayton Hall: Archaeology at the Privy, 2007.  The Charleston Museum Archaeological Contributions 40.  Charleston, South Carolina.

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2004  Archaeological Testing, 2003 Drayton Hall.   The Charleston Museum Archaeological Contributions 33, Charleston, South Carolina.

2003  An Archaeological Survey of the Parsonage Site (38Ch 1660) Willtown Plantation.  The Charleston Museum Archaeological Contribution 32, Charleston, South Carolina.