Martha Zierden

Courtesy Appointment

Ms. Zierden holds a Master of Arts degree in anthropology from Florida State University and has been the Curator of Historical Archaeology at The Charleston Museum since 1985. Ms. Zierden was critical to the early development of the Anthropology program at the College of Charleston in the 1980s when she taught the archaeology classes and introductory anthropology courses for students in the new anthropology major. Ms. Zierden has also been centrally involved in the development and maintenance of the biennial archaeological field school the Anthropology program puts on with The Charleston Museum. She has amassed an impressive record of archaeological work across the Southeast and is well-respected in the professional community.


M.A., Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

B.A., Anthropology (major), Southern History (minor), Tallahassee, FL

A.A., Gulf Coast Community College, Panama City, FL