Letters of Recommendation

Give your references at least three weeks notice to write you a letter of recommendation.

E-mail your references the following information:

  • The full name of the programs you are applying to (masters or doctoral program; anthropology or another field),
  • The mailing addresses of these programs, and
  • application due dates.
  • If there are online applications, let the reference know.

Provide references with as many of the following as apply:

  • a statement of purpose or a brief statement of your interests and career goals,
  • a copy of your resume,
  • an unofficial transcript,
  • a description of your academic and related interests,
  • a list of:
    • internships you completed,
    • independent studies,
    • awards,
    • honors,
    • relevant work and
    • volunteer experiences, etc.
    • Be sure to include dates and names for all of the above.

The more detail the faculty member has about you and your interests, the easier it will be for them to write a strong letter.