Career Resources

Identifying the career path that is best for you is a process that takes months, if not years. In fact, the process is a journey and not a destination at which you one day arrive. Your interests will change over time. With your changing interests come changes in the jobs and careers that you choose. Thinking about your career options begins with some "soul searching" questions about what really interests you and what you can envision yourself doing each day.

As you begin planning your career, the best place to start is with the Sociology and Anthropology faculty who have been particularly influential in your undergraduate experience. Knowing your interests and life goals, they can suggest resources, contacts in the community and graduate programs that will match your career aspirations.

You should also meet with the knowledgeable and helpful staff in the College of Charleston's Career Center to take advantage of the resources they have available. For example, Handshake connects with college alumni who are willing to mentor current students. Handshake also offers listings of internships and job opportunities throughout the country. The Career Center also has resume preparation tools and career self-assessment tools that will suggest careers that match your values, interests, skills and personality.

There are also a number of things you can do now to identify the type of work you like or dislike. Completing an internship (Internships in Anthropology and Internships in Sociology) is often the best way to do this. Students also find studying abroad to be an incredible experience that inspires new insights about what they will do after leaving the college. Anthropology majors have a long history of completing a field school to get hands-on training in archaeological, cultural or linguistics field work. Each of these experiences expand your social networks and open new opportunities for you.

The links below direct you to career resources specific to your major (Sociology or Anthropology) as well as resources to help you navigate the decision to go on to graduate or professional school.