Faculty Travel

Below are links for easy access to college policies and forms relating to employee travel to conferences.

Travel Tips (Using AAA to Purchase Airline Tickets and Determing Reimbursement for Meals)

Travel Authorization and Travel Reimbursement Forms

When completing Travel Authorization (TA) and Reimbursement Forms please keep the following in mind:

  • On TA forms, please provide a clear and complete reason for your travel. For example, if you are giving a talk, participating in a panel, coordinating the conference, attending as an office of the professional organization, recruiting faculty, etc. these reasons should be explicitly stated on the TA form.
  • Please spell out the full name of the conference or professional organization on the TA form, rather than using the organization's acronym.
  • Reimbursement requests for shared hotel rooms need to be split across those using the hotel. A state employee is not allowed to request reimbursement for another employee's expenses. Hotels will generally split bills across guests sharing a room, which should facilitate your reimbursement requests.
  • When requesting reimbursement for the conference registration fee or an airline ticket for which you have paid with a credit card, please provide a copy of your credit card statement that shows you were charged for those items and the amount for which you were charged. If you pay for these items with a personal check, please submit a copy of your cancelled check with your Travel Reimbursement form.

College of Charleston Moving Expenses Policy