Sociology and Gerontology Internships

Sociology Internship Coordinator: Professor Brenda Sanders 

The links below provide you with all of the information you will need to decide whether completing an internship for academic credit fits with your goals. If you decide an internship does make sense for you, the information below will show you what options are available for you to complete an internship and how you should go about setting it up.

Since an internship is not just on-the-job training, but an opportunity to meaningfully apply and use your knowledge, it should come at or near the end of your academic career. Grades for the course are based on a combination of the placement supervisor's evaluation of your performance at your internship site and the evaluation of the faculty coordinator based on the work you submit for course requirements.

The prerequisites for an internship are junior standing, a B average in sociology, a C+ in your overall GPA, a major or minor in sociology, at least 12 hours of sociology courses, and permission of the instructor. Other prerequisites may vary depending on the nature of the placement (background checks, previous training, TB tests, etc.).

Please note that Career Services has internships that do not offer academic credit, but still provide experience for you, and they also offer a Certificate Internship Program.  For more information, see the Career Services/Internship web page. Some of the internships listed on Handshake may also be appropriate for receiving credit in sociology. Please view those listings as you search for an internship.