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Sociology is the scientific study of human social behavior.  It focuses on the factors that organize and structure social activities, as well as those that disorganize and threaten to dissolve them.  

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Anthropology explores human biological and cultural similarities and differences, both in the past and in the present. Anthropology is traditionally divided into four sub-disciplines (archaeology, biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and sociocultural anthropology) through which it is linked to other social and natural sciences and the humanities.

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Crime, Law and Society Minor

At the College of Charleston, this minor has been designed to provide students with the knowledge and experiences they need in order to understand the origins of criminal behavior, the consequences of crime for society and the legal responses that societies develop to combat crime. It’s fitting that the program consists of courses in political science, sociology, psychology, history and philosophy, among others.

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Cultural Sustainability Certificate

The certificate provides undergraduate students and non-degree-seeking students an opportunity to gain a deep understanding of how culture intersects with conceptualizations of sustainability.

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