Advising Resources

Override Requests

Students can submit an electronic override request by completing the Override Request Form on the Department of Sociology and Anthropology's webpage. The form is located on the righthand side of the screen beneath the Quick Links heading.

Course Waivers and Substitutions Form

For a number of reasons, we waive requirements for the major (e.g., SOCY 491) or substitute courses (e.g., field work experiences taken as Independent Studies) for major requirements. With the change to Banner, many of those substitutions were lost. Faculty advisors are asked to complete the Waivers and Substitutions Form so that the department chair can coordinate these changes with the Registrar's Office.

Advisees Assigned to Faculty

You can view a list of your advisees in the Banner Self-Service folder in My Charleston. If you do not see one of your advisees on that list, please contact the Department's Administrative Assistant. If you have been advising another faculty member's advisee, please encourage the student to ask the Department's Administrative Assistant to have you officially designated as her/his advisee.

Student Support Services